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Answer the 4 questions below and you're ready to customize your Yourzzz pillow. All you need is a (kitchen) scale. You will then be advised on the amount of pillow filling you should remove from your pillow to make it fit you perfectly. To double-check the final weight your pillow should come to after adjusting it to your size is also displayed below.

Please fill in the sleeping position, you prefer to fall asleep in. If you do not know the firmness of your mattress, fill in normal.

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Why is customization important?

A pillow that is too high or too low can cause serious neck and back problems. By customizing the pillow, it is tailored to your body. This way, it perfectly fills the space between your shoulder, neck, and mattress. After all, you wouldn't walk around in shoes that are too small, would you?

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How do my weight and height affect the recommended firmness of my pillow?

Physiotherapist Thijs van der Hilst recognized the problem of an improper pillow and the resulting issues in his patients. Years of research and experience led to the development of a unique algorithm that uses various data points to select the perfect pillow for you. It results in the ideal height of your pillow for your body posture.

I don't have a kitchen scale. How do I know how much filling to remove to customize my pillow?

Instead, you can use any glass that can hold up to 200 ml of liquid to measure the amount of filling. Here, 1 glass = 50g of Yourzzz pillow filling. Keep in mind that there may be slight variations compared to using a scale since this is a less precise way to measure the pillow's contents.

What should I do with the excess filling?

When you remove filling from the Yourzzz pillow to adjust it to your desired height, you'll have excess filling left over. We recommend storing this excess filling in the provided Yourzzz storage bag. This way, you can make further adjustments to the pillow at a later time.

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  • Less neck pain
  • Optimal comfort
  • Better night's sleep
  • Premium memoryfoam
  • Adjustable to your size

"Why a custom-sized pillow?" is something we often hear. Compare it to a shoe store where they only sell 1 size. The chance that your shoe size is among them is quite small. If you walk on a shoe size that is too small or large for too long, your feet will start to suffer. Similarly, if you sleep on the wrong pillow size for a long time, you will suffer from neck and back problems. 

Co-founder and physical therapist - Thijs van der Hilst