The story behind the pillow

Yourzzz is a brand of United Comfort Industries from Zevenbergen, Netherlands. As the market leader in ergonomic pillows, we call ourselves "The Pillow People". With more than 50 years of experience, a state-of-the-art production facility and a team of physiotherapists and sleep experts, we want to make a significant contribution to people's health by producing excellent sleep products.

The story behind the pillow

Meet our Professionals

We optimize rest, recovery and regeneration for comfort, well-being and health. UCI looks back with pride on more than 30 years of passionate development, testing, sales and further innovation of ergonomic pillows and mattresses. Started as a small Dutch company in 1990, we pioneered by making ergonomic sleeping comfort available to the mass market in Europe. Collaborating with esteemed companies such as Harrods, Galleries Lafayette, El Corte Ingles, Metro/Makro, Carrefour, Costco, Maxima, Neckermann and more.

Sweet dreams with the

Yourzzz pillow

Why people choose a Yourzzz pillow

  • Developed by physical therapists and sleeping experts
  • You determine the height and thickness of your pillow
  • Made for all types of sleepers, from side and back to stomach sleepers
  • Feels as soft as a cloud, while offering sufficient support
  • Carry-on bag makes the pillow easy to travel with
Sweet dreams with the Yourzzz pillow
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Why a custom pillow?

Since 2002, physiotherapist Thijs van der Hilst has been specialized in making custom pillows. Years of research and testing preceded the perfect algorithm to determine the correct pillow size.

But why is a custom pillow so important? "I like to compare it to a pair of new shoes," says Van der Hilst. "Imagine a shoe store where they only sell one size of shoe. The chance that you will find the right size is not very big. And if you walk for a long time on shoes that are too big or too small, your feet will hurt eventually. The same applies to a pillow. If you sleep on the wrong pillow size, neck and shoulder complaints will eventually arise."

With Yourzzz we translate this principal into a custom make-it-yourself concept. By simply removing the correct amount of filling from the pillow, you can create your own custom pillow at home!

  • Less neck pain
  • Optimal comfort
  • Better night's sleep
  • Premium memoryfoam
  • Adjustable to your size

"Why a custom-sized pillow?" is something we often hear. Compare it to a shoe store where they only sell 1 size. The chance that your shoe size is among them is quite small. If you walk on a shoe size that is too small or large for too long, your feet will start to suffer. Similarly, if you sleep on the wrong pillow size for a long time, you will suffer from neck and back problems. 

Co-founder and physical therapist - Thijs van der Hilst